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Snow Software UK

Snow Software UK – a case study

Snow Software is a global leader in the delivery of on-premise and cloud-based Software Asset Management solutions, including multi-platform inventory and advanced software license management technologies. Every day, organisations ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations and governments use Snow solutions to analyse and manage software records.

How we helped Snow Software UK

The Challenge.

Snow Software were looking for an effective way to secure their computers and valuable data from threats both from internal and external sources. This included virus attacks, system failures (data backup) and user errors. An additional internal threat of undetected data transfers to and from their network of sensitive information was also identified.

Unrestricted access to sensitive files or use of lifestyle and portable devices, such as USB sticks, iPods, iPhones and cameras, which could have led to data loss or theft, malware infections or other security breaches. They were also aiming to increase their level of protection against such risks without impairing in anyway the mobility or productivity of their employees.

The Solution.

Secure Comms provided the technical skills and management facilities to protect computers from virus & malware attacks, provided central off-site data backup (backing up files from all computers), provided and configured all policies for Data Loss Prevention technologies and manage all security aspects for Snow UK on a monthly basis.


Simple deployment, simple management and always updated, Secure Comms provides the protection and skills to secure Snow Softwares' computers and sensitive data files.

What they said about us

“Secure Comms has exceeded my expectations. It has proven so easy to work with when advising us on best practices for securing our data.
We have an excellent working relationship and all our requests for advice have been responded to very quickly".

Managing Director
Snow UK

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