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Microsoft Office365 Email & Calendars

Microsoft Office 365 is a range of cloud services to access and manage, email, contacts and calendar from multiple devices or locations. All of your information stays in synch, so if you send an email from your phone, web or PC, it all appears in your sent box when you check. Or if you add a contact on your PC, it appears on your phone.

Key Features

Access Email, Contacts and Calendar from your computer, tablet, or phone.
Share contacts, calendar appointments with colleagues.
Web access to manage other users email or calendar appointments
Keep in Synch, Calendar, Inbox, Sent, Drafts are synched across devices.
Works with Pc's, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices.
Rental option for Microsoft Office 2013 Software
Available for individuals or business teams.

Other suppliers

Gmail, Apple, Hotmail (now Outlook) are all providers of an email service. Get help setting up your devices to send & receive content.

Cloud systems allows:

Lower up front costs with monthly charges instead of capital costs.
Faster to deploy, just add on demand as your needs grow.
Access form different locations or different computers and tablets
Upgrades and new software releases included.
Secure, reliable and managed by Microsoft.

We'll migrate your account from your existing provider or server
We'll set up all your accounts and users.
Onsite support to set up Outlook, Smart Phones and other devices
Full training and help to use the new services.
Ongoing support and assistance or adds, moves and changes.

Pricing Examples
Cloud solutions are usually charged monthly, but this can vary.

Microsoft Office 365 is from £4 Per User Per Month
Hosted Exchange from £5.99 Per User Per Month