Office Services

Small Office & Business Services

Helping customers with their small office technology needs from advice on choosing the correct products to full installation and support.

Getting the technology right will improve efficiency and productivity.

Remote Access, dual screen & Multi screen setup, Smartphone Integration and Email. Wireless and Mobile Working
setup will improve reliability & stability. Enhanced Email with reduced spam and security and virus protection.

It can be a challenge setting all this up so let us do it for you.

Email Solutions

Email & Calendar
We can help with all of your email requirements from server or web based email to SmartPhone access.


Optimise your computer system with a system health check:

Computers, Servers & Laptops running slow ?
Networks or Internet running slow ?
Programs running slow or not responding ?
Security & Reliability Issues
Wireless running slow or unreliable ?
Printing Delays & Problems ?

Most of this is easily rectified or at the least identified.

Hosted & Cloud

Web based services offer the features of a server without the upfront costs

Low upfront & ongoing Costs
Share files, documents and information
Share Calendar, Contacts and Email
Access information from any location

Contact us to find out more about how our solutions can help your business.


Servers & Networks

If you have more than three computers - a server is the most effective route forward. Scalable solutions to grow with your business.

Document and file sharing services
Centralised back up and storage facility
Web and internet security & control
Remote Access VPN (Virtual Private Network)
With Remote Access, you can connect to your office server from any location with a notebook or PC.

Reduce travel time to & from work or access information whilst working on a customer site.


Our service takes care of that from basic to advanced installation. Moving to a new PC or Smartphone can be complicated. We can transfer all your data, email and music & photos.

Computer, Mac, PC’s, Servers installed
Networks, Wireless Installation
Printers, scanners, copiers, cameras
Cabling and wiring for phones or networks
Accessories, cameras etc

Office Backup

To lose all of your emails, contacts, orders, documents and other records can be disastrous – it could even damage your business.

PC & Notebook Back Up Solutions

We offer a range of solutions to manually, or automatically back up all of your data.

Back up your entire computer hard disk- including documents, photos, programs and windows files.
Back ups are stored on an external disk. Your entire system can be reloaded following on from a virus, disk or software issue.

Apple Mac Back Up Solutions
Time Capsule - the perfect solution for backing up Macs.

Automatically back up everything, so you never have to worry about losing your important files. Keep all of your music, pictures, videos, documents and information safe.

Cloud Back Up Solutions
For essential files or documents, regular back up can be made easier, with a cloud (web) based back up system.

Server & Advanced Back Up Solutions
Essential business PC’s & Business Servers need a more advanced solution for Back Up.