sharing data

Securely sharing data

Many employees use cloud-based services to share sensitive company data with each other, vendors, customers and partners.
They sync data to their personal devices and home computers in an effort to do their jobs quickly and efficiently – without IT’s oversight. The risks of data leakage, compliance violations and damage to the business are enormous.
Share IT is simple and intuitive for business professionals to use, but gives complete control over sensitive corporate data. Share IT provides drag-and-drop access to files on your local file system using a web browser, simple point and click file sharing, and controlled access to files from mobile devices.
All your data is kept and shared within your business from your own server – your own cloud for added security.
Access your data.
Store your files, folders, documents across laptops, tablets, and mobile devices in one place. Access that folder from your mobile device, your desktop, or a web browser. Access your data wherever you are, when you need it.
Sync your data
Keep your files and documents synchronised. One folder, two folders and more – get the most recent version of your files with the desktop and web client or mobile app of your choosing, at any time.
Share your data
Share your data with partners, customers and others, and give them access to your latest marketing information, presentations, returns, training material or anything else you want them to see. Share it publicly, or privately. It is your data, do what you want with it.